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Product Rollover / Inverter Conveyors


Spiral Line Shaft Driven Inverter

During tire manufacturing process, tires may have to be inverted or "flipped."  In the photo above, Model 196LS line shaft driven live roller, is designed to flip product with this modified line shaft conveyor. 3/16" thick (nom.) PVC covering is applied to rollers on this conveyor as well as to the rollers on vertical roller guards to protect the product surface.


Inline Wheel Inverter

Wheels enter this inverter at infeed of belt conveyor, wheel is inverted 180 degrees and is conveyed to discharge of belt conveyor and on to next process in wheel manufacturing/packaging process. A separate drive (electric) is utilized for both belt conveyor and inverter mechanism. The belt conveyor is model 500BSB with 8" wide belting and B-section V-belt attached to back side of belt for tracking. Rate on conveyor is 5 wheels per minute. 


Product Rollover Conveyor

Allows product to enter at one side of conveyor and after "flipping" product 180 degrees, conveys product through unit for next stage in manufacturing process. Notice wire mesh belt conveyors located inside rollover conveyor.

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