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Stacker Cranes

Rapistak stacker cranes are a cost effective method to expensive ASRS systems for high density storage of any product in your facility. These units are operator controlled and provide a safe and efficient Rapistack -- Stacker Cranes and Storage Systemsmethod of handling both raw materials and finished good for manufacturing, assembly and warehousing. Standard capacities from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs. Standard storage heights to 25’ with both single aisle and multiple aisle configurations available.

Auto-Stak Storage and Retrieval System Auto-Stak Storage and Retrieval Systems
The future of storage systems, an Auto-Stak Storage and Retrieval System is a cutting edge tool for utilizing your factory’s capacity, maximizing the efficiency of your logistics, and saving money where you need it most. More Info >>
"ProStakā€ Die/Mold Storage System

Die & Mold Storage Systems
The Die & Mold Storage System is a rack and integrated stacker crane system designed specifically for storing and handling heavy dies and molds. The system creates a work cell enviornment which allows for a single operator to handle heavy dies and molds, improves inventory control, adds efficiency to the storage and retrieval of dies and molds, improves the safety of handling dies and molds, and vastly improves the storage density, freeing up valuable floor space. More Info >>

Mega-Stak Large Capacity Stacker Crane Mega-Stak Storage Systems
Rapistak large capacity stacker cranes are designed for industrial applications where large capacities are required such as coil handling, die and mold handling, steel service centers and more. Features may include MCB wheel bearings, wheelblocks, box girders, service walkways, crane lights, crane cab, buit-up hoist, packaged hoist, AC variable frequency drives, hoist flux vector controls, optional radio controls and more. Capacities from 5-ton up to 35-ton and crane spans up to 100 feet. More Info >>
MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval System MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval Systems
The MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval System is designed specifically for storing your maintenance items, from small boxes to large motors. The MSR storage system will reduce time searching for items or waiting for a forklift to get what you need, when you need it. With capacities up to 6000 lbs maintenance managers, planners and material control supervisors can avoid "stock outs" and "double stocking" of critical maintenance components. More Info >>


MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval System

Pallet-Stak Storage Sysytems
Rapistak Pallet-Stak Storage Sysytems are used when adjusable shelf racking does not fit the particular application. When products being stored are more uniform in size, the Pallet-Stak Storage System can reduce the storage system cost. And because a stacker crane is incorporated into the system, a smaller ailse space can be used to reduce the overall foot print of the system. When the overall foot print of the system is smaller, more floor space is available for production. Pallet-Stak Storage Systems maximize floor and vertical cube space, improves organization and increases productivity. More Info >>


MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval System

Pro-Stak Storage Systems
The Pro-Stak System is a mobile stacker crane using Rapistak's patented Pro-Stak rack design. The Prostak system uses a narrow aisle, vertical storage, high density concept to achieve increased storage capacities with small footprints. The small footprint design allows customers to regain expensive production floor space on the plant floor. More Info >>



MSR Maintenance Storage/Retrieval System

Roll-Stak Storage Systems
The Roll-Stak System is a rack and integrated stacker crane storage system for storing all types of rolls or coils for maximum storage density and material accessibility. More Info >>



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